Featured Car - Jason Haus's 67

Purchased on October 27, 2007 in Medina OH. The original intent was a full body off restoration, but that has since changed. More on that but first the beginning of the story.

"I have always been a Camaro fan. Dad had a brand new 1989 IROC when I was growing up, which I now own. I attached a pic take a couple months ago. There is a pretty good story on this car too if you want it, but for now back to the 67."

"A couple years ago I started dating my girlfriend and we decided that we wanted to try to restore a car. Neither of us had any experience at it but a friend of mine had done a 1969 Super Bee and it came out amazing. He told us that he didn't have any experience when he started just learned as he went. Well we were confident that we could do the same. We already knew we wanted a first gen Camaro. At first we didn't care what year or color since we decided it was going to be repainted black with silver or white racing stripes, and no way would it have a vinyl top. As time passed we did consider other colors but one thing we knew was no butternut yellow. We hated the color. So as months went on and we looked at some cars, none really did it for us. During the hunt, we decided we definitely wanted a 67. We didn't like the quarter panel contour on the 69 so we weeded that out. Then we decided we wanted the wing windows so 67 it would be. We narrowed our search to 67 only. That led us to the car in the photo, a running, numbers matching 1967 Norwood built 327 powerglide with bucket seats and the floor shifter. It wore what was left of its original butternut yellow paint with bumble bee stripe."


"The vinyl top had been removed by a previous owner. The current owner informed us that the engine had been rebuilt 8 years prior. The car did seem to run very well when we went to look at it. The original canister oil filter and fuel tank did leak but other than that, it was drivable I guess. Never got to take it on the road. After a (not) thorough (enough) inspection of the car we (mistakenly) bought it. We were thrilled. We loaded her up on the trailer, and took her home. A month later we switched out the gas tank and the oil filter to stop the leaks. During the process I noticed the fuel line was lying on the exhaust pipe. So I decided to remove the exhaust pipe to prevent a fire. We were intending on driving it a little It seemed to be a healthy running car, just looked bad. Well, during the removal process, I smashed the brake line and when I pushed the brake pedal it blew the front to rear line. After that we decided maybe driving it was not the best idea and stashed her in the barn for 2 months. In the 2 months while it sat we had a vision that it would have to go back to the original color scheme. We ended up really liking the color and realized it had to be butternut yellow with the black vinyl top, something we originally said we would not do."


"In January of 2008 we began the tear down of the car. Every part was inventoried and stored. It was stripped to nothing. All the new parts were purchased and the tub was sent to be dipped. When it came back it didn't look good. The thought of swiss cheese was all that was in our heads. We sent the body aside and began work on other things."


"Over the summer of 2008 we did a lot of work on the engine/tranny, front end and rear end. The subframe was completely sand blasted and refinished then rebuilt with new components, PST bushings, power disc brake kit, new shocks, etc. The engine/tranny got a freshen up, cleaning, new paint, new chrome pans, new intake, carb, headers, alternator, etc. No internals. For the rear end all components were cleaned and the rear brakes were rebuilt (no rear disc kit). Everything was bolted all back up and the refinished 15x8 corvette rallys were bolted on. Everything looked great and was ready to go back under the car. Unfortunately, there is not much of a car to put it under."


"We tried to save the body from 41 years in Ohio but it appears that is not going to happen. Several professionals looked at it and they don't even want to touch it. I was quoted anywhere from 30 to 50 thousand to rebuild the body of our car... not build the car, just rebuild the body. Obviously that is out of the question. If it were a 1 of 600 1967 Z28, maybe, but its not. It's a one of 220,000 base model 327 car, not a rarity. Ourr current path is to put the car on hold for a bit and purchase a full dynacorp shell, The car will end up being rebuilt with 100% sheet metal replacement. The only original parts will be the mechanicals and the subframe. We will have about 3X what we thought we would have in the car but it should be very close to a new car when done so we are pretty excited about that. The ideas of ditching the 327/powerglide/non-posi rearend are more likely now. The car should be able to handle more power with the new body and frame rails. That will be a little while down the road now. Currently the car sits in boxes and totes around the garage, waiting for the chance to see light of day. I will keep you updated as we progress."