Featured Car - Marten Isaksson's 68

From Marten:

"This is my 1968 camaro. Currently in Sweden. Got here from California 2008 or 2009."

"Not much to tell about. Car is in very good shape. Body was blasted and grinded to clean sheet metal but not under where it still is beautiful from factory. It is painted with epoxy base and then original color."

"Inside is pretty nice, I will probably change pillar posts. Has put in 3 point belts. Motor is not matching body but is a 327 (I have matching heads and block) but is rebuilt to a 355 with an Edelbrock Performer kit. Th350 is not original. Original rear axle is in good shape 2.73 but lies under the working bench. A new Moser 12 bolt is installed (Shortened 1 1/8") to get some nice wheels in. I changed the 17" AMR to 15" Centerline just giving the car some drive-ability and look. As you could see I have put in disc brakes front and rear. Project this winter is to put in a new engine and a th 400. And some small pieces like frame bushings pitman and idler arm."

"Car is lowered 2" front ind 1.5" rear.(Hotchkis-Koni) It's not perfect with full length headers but I like the stance. Maybe I'll put back the nice 68 moldings, I have original and they are very good. But I don't have good window felts. Tried some from PUI but those sucks. Do you know something that will at last fit!!"

"Ok that's what I have in my garage."