Featured Car - Mark Lohse's 69

In Mark's words, "I have a butternut yellow 69SS with an endura bumper. I don't have definitive proof of the SS option and the endura bumper, however when I stripped down the top coat of paint all the parts including the endura bumper where original GM parts and where butternut yellow. The back tail section even showed where the original SS emblem was. This is a true 40 code 69. Everyone thought I was crazy for restoring back to the original color but I think it looks great with the black vinyl top, black SS stripes, black SS grill, black 14x7 SS wheels and the black deluxe interior. This car was built prior to the X code in the first week of December 1968."

Well we don't think he was crazy for restoring this fine looking 69 back to Butternut Yellow. We hope to have updates as work progresses on the restoration.


This SS looks great to begin with. It should look even better when it's back to it's original color.


This is the engine compartment pre-restoration.


Not too bad to begin with.


It's looking good in it's new color.


Mark is doing it up right, painting the body panels off the car.


This was painted in Mark's garage!


Trim tag shows it to be a '40' car.


Next in line is the interior.


"I have been driving it and enjoying it for the last 6 months. I have won a couple of local awards. She’s no show car but she looks pretty good. I get a lot of comments about the paint. People seem to really like the Butternut yellow on the 69. Most people say that they have never seen one."