Featured Car - Nick's 68 RS/SS

In Nick's words, "My name is Nick and you may know me as Daytona Yellow 69 Z/28 on Team Camaro. I also own a Y2 68 SS/RS 396 Camaro. I bought it to drive to high school in Feb 1980 and in early 1981 repainted it Corvette Yellow. I have had it off the road since 2006 when I hurt the motor at our local drag strip, but hope to start the Rotisserie restoration a little later this year."

"Here is a pic of it as of now but once I restore it, it will go back to Butternut."

"I am looking forward to getting started on it, and I will do it all myself including paint and body. I just finished a Rotisserie resto on my 68 RS and think I have the car sold so it will help fund the build on my SS/RS. The car is very solid and I don't think it will need any sheet metal. It has always been garage kept the last 29 years I have owned it. In 1996 I found a NOS passenger front fender for it and had planned to put a new repo on the driver side but after doing the RS I don't want to deal with the poor quality repo fenders on this car. When I was 18 I got hit in the drivers side front fender and I installed a Firebird fender on it back then. It fit well but didn't have the little indention for the bumper bracket so it has had a gap there ever since. I may just find a used fender and swipe that section from it and weld it into mine since the firebird fender on it is in really good shape. I will have a better idea once I get started."

"Here are a couple of pics of the car as it sits in my trailer waiting for me to get started on it and a pic of my 68 RS I just finished."

Wow, this is the ultimate combination, a 68 big-block RS/SS with a 4-speed. It doesn't get any better and we can't wait to follow the restoration!


After a 5 year restoration period, the car is back together and in it's original Butternut Yellow. Nick did a fantastic job of maintaining the original details of the car, including the vinyl roof. We love seeing a Butternut car be returned to its original glory. Good job Nick!