Featured Car - Shawn Farmer's 69

In Shawn's words: "My car is an X11 code NON-super sport 350 car. I bought it from the 2nd owner last year. The car was originally bought in Los Angeles, CA near Hollywood. The first owner was the treasurer for Walt Disney Productions in the 50's and 60's and a close associate of Walt Disney himself. He bought the car for his then 57 year old wife as Christmas gift in December 1969. She seldom drove the car. After her husband passed, in 1996, at the age of 84, she GIFTED the Camaro to her long time gardener and family friend. He had always asked about the car. He was also a 30 year employee (gardener/foreman) at Disneyland. He died in 2006, and I bought his widow. The car shows 14,xxx on the odometer and I was told that is original mileage. I assume it to be 114K but the car is so nice and original one could suspect it to be 14K, but I have no documentation to prove this. What is interesting is that it has a third week of October build date (10C) and I was told that this color was discontinued early in 1969. My VIN code is only about 2,500 cars from the end of production. The car still has its ORIGINAL Butternut paint on entire car with exception of the hood, which was repainted due to an accident while parked in the garage when something fell on it. It is still very shiny but shows small signs of age and has many dings and one dent. It even has the original accent striping over the fender wells. It has the original vinyl top, original and almost perfect interior, etc. The car still has the many options it was bought with; all matching cowl tag, codes, etc. including factory AC, deluxe interior, radio, bumper guards, spoilers, tinted glass, and rally wheels. The wheels are all dated the same date even the spare. Although it is not a show car, it is a very nice example of a car that has never been through a restoration. I have tried not to change anything major or replace anything unnecessary. I drive the car often and it drives like new. Like they say, its only original once!"

It even has the old Disneyland parking pass sticker in the front windshield.
It has a third week of October build date (10C) and I was told that this color was discontinued early in 1969.
I lowered the car some and then later I decided to put it back stock.