The Butternut Yellow Registry

Have a Butternut Yellow Camaro and want to find out more about its history? Or perhaps you're looking at one and want to know a little more about it before purchasing. If you know the VIN and/or cowl tag number, enter it here to see if it's in the database. There are currently 662 Butternut Yellow cars in the database with more being added all the time.

The information provided here was mostly culled from eBay auctions. Only the VIN, auction number, auction date and price are listed, along with the description of the car as it appeared in the auction. Please contact me if you would like additional information and pictures of one of these cars.

Enter your VIN: Enter your cowl tag number:
(example format 124678N414535) (example format 68-12467NOR114322)

The registry currently includes:

13 - Y1 Convertibles 1 - Y1 Convertibles 9 - 40 Convertibles
100 - Y2 Convertibles 54 - Y2 Convertibles 24 - 40 Coupes
155 - Y2 Coupes 85 - Y2 Coupes
129 - YY Coupes 92 - YY Coupes