My Car - Body

The body was repainted in 1992 in the original Butternut Yellow. I'll admit that it wasn't my first choice, but it grows on you after a while. It also sets it apart from other Camaro's since a lot of Butternut yellow cars were re-painted in red or black. The top is new as the original was torn. The car may or may not have had the black stripe originally. It was there when I bought it and I like the look, so I kept it.

The body was painted in pieces so that the insides of the panels could be painted also. The hood, trunk and 1 fender are original. I went through 3 sets of doors to find a usable pair, and one still needed a new skin. Rust-free parts are very hard to come by in this neck of the woods, and most body parts weren't yet being reproduced when I was restoring the car.

Although the black paint under the lower side molding should be semi-flat, I did it in gloss in order to keep it clean. The Rallye wheels are also painted in gloss black. I think it looks better than argent silver against the yellow paint.


This is a picture taken in June 2005. The car was painted in 1992. Not bad for a 13 year old paint job. Of course, the car had seen only about 2000 miles in that time. Don't get me wrong, this car is a driver. It's just that I don't drive it as much as I should, though I've put more miles on it the last few years.


The car is a true Rally Sport. Most of the RS items were still there when I bought the car, and it's just too complicated to fake an RS without forgetting some detail. (See the tutorial on identifying a real Rally Sport.)

The trim tag says the following about the car:
  • 12E - Build date was the last week of December
  • ST 68 - 1968 model year
  • 12467 - V8 convertible
  • NOR - Norwood plant
  • 66789 - It was the 66,789th Camaro built at Norwood
  • 712 - Standard black bucket seat interior
  • Y2 - Butternut yellow with a black top

This is the trunk view with my new, cheapo spare tire. A space saver would have been nice, but they're very hard to come by. The original jack assembly is an ebay find.

The black canister in the back of the photo is one of the vibration dampeners. After spending so much time cleaning them up and repainting them I couldn't bear to hit them with the spatter paint.


This picture shows the underside of the trunk lid with the jack instruction and positraction warning stickers. These are located where I found the original stickers.