My Car - History

If you spend time on Camaro forums like Team Camaro, Firstgens, ThirdGen or CRG, you might have seen a goober that goes by the name 'sleepsinshed'. Yes, that's me. My real name is Kevin, and this is the story of my 1968 Camaro Rally Sport Convertible.

I purchased this car in January of 1988. After searching all over New England for 2 years looking for a good restoration candidate, I found this one just a few miles down the road. The day I went to look at it the temperature was about 20 degrees, so I didn't spend much time crawling under it. It was almost exactly what I had been looking for, a convertible RS with a factory 4-speed. I would have preferred it to be an SS also, but this car was too good to pass up.

A check of the numbers revealed that it still had the original motor. The quarter panels had been replaced at some point and were in excellent condition. It barely ran, but was structurally solid and most of the original parts were there. Not wanting to let this one get away I did some quick negotiating, and an hour later the car was mine.


The next day I drove pushed the Camaro into the garage and started cataloging and disassembling it.

It would be more than 6 years until the car was together enough to drive again. The car is, and will always will be, a work in progress. There will always be things to be fixed, changed or added as time goes on.


Based on evidence revealed during the restoration, this is how I believe the car was originally equipped. This information was taken from "The Genuine Camaro White Book", second edition.

RPO Description Original Price Production # % of Production
12467 Camaro Convertible; 327-cid, 210-hp, V-8 $2,908.00 16,927 7.2%
A39 Belts, Custom Deluxe; seat, front and rear (conv only) $7.90 3,560 1.5%
C80 Axle, Positraction; rear $42.15 36,710 15.6%
M20 Transmission; 4-speed wide-ratio $184.35 35,161 15%
N40 Steering, Power; (power brakes recommended) $84.30 115,280 49%
U63 Radio; push-button AM $61.10 192,805 82%
Z22 Rally Sport Package $105.35 40,977 17.4%

All this for the grand sum of $3393.15, which is only a few hundred dollars less than I paid for it.

It seemed to be a strange combination originally; a psuedo performance car with the 4-speed and posi rearend. It may even have been a 3-speed, which would make the posi rear even more odd. It had the standard non-console interior, yet with custom seat belts. The spoilers were most likely added by the dealer. I added the bumper guards. I don't know if the stripe is original.