My Car - Engine

The engine is the original 327 MA block and heads, with date codes of December 1967. It had headers, a Holley intake and carburetor when I purchased it. Since the original 2bbl carb and intake were missing I replaced them with a date coded 4bbl intake and Rochester carburetor, as a 2bbl is way un-cool ;) I've since located a 3919801 2bbl intake with a K47 date code. If I can find the right carb, I might even put it on some day. The headers were also replaced with the correct cast number and date coded exhaust manifolds.


I've tried to be as accurate as possible with the restoration of the engine compartment. Most non-original parts have been, or are being replaced with correctly date-coded ones. Still needing to be replaced are the distributor and starter.

The hoses are all correctly stamped, and the clamps are the original tower type.

The air cleaner is a recent ebay purchase. I think it's correct for this application. There was no heat riser assembly on the manual transmission cars.


The motor hadn't been touched in the last 15 years, so in the Spring of 2006 it got a much needed re-paint. The top end was removed and painted and the exhaust manifolds were blasted and treated with Eastwood's stainless steel coating.

The coil bracket and throttle rod were painted with Eastwood's Clear Phosphate paint. It gives a nice, almost original looking finish.


During the refresh, some parts that had been missing were added such as the french locks on the manifolds, and the correct vacuum advance hose and line.

The water pump was also replaced with one that has the correct casting number and date code.

One of the most important parts of the engine compartment refresh was the removal of the 'Caution Fan' sticker. Now I don't feel so stupid...

Engine codes

PartCasting NumberDate CodeActual date
Engine block3914678L19712/19/1967
Head LH3917293L5712/5/1967
Head RH3917293L7712/7/1967
Intake manifold3919803K4711/4/1967
Water pump3782608J27710/27/1967
Carburetor7028213 DY20579/12/1967
Exhaust manifold LH3892679L11712/11/1967
Exhaust manifold RH