My Car - Interior

The interior is pretty original. The cowl trim tag reveals that it was originally equipped with a standard black interior. It had a Grant GT steering wheel and a B/M shifter when I purchased it. The shifter is now a non-original Hurst Competition Plus. The seats were in perfect condition, but the door panels and carpeting needed replacing. I don't believe it had a console originally, as there weren't any holes for the mounting brackets. During the restoration, the left front floor pan was replaced and the tunnel was patched where it had been cut up. Otherwise the floor was very solid.

There are a few modifications to the interior. These are things that I probably would have added had I purchased one of these new in 1968.


The car didn't come with the gauge package, so I'm adding some starting with a Sun tach. Future plans call for a gauge pod for the console filled with vintage SW gauges.

I found a standard original steering wheel but couldn't stand the feel of it, so I replaced it with a vintage looking Grant wheel.

The Hurst T-handle is from a 68 Firebird that I wrecked in 1977. Yes, I still feel bad about that...


Recent additions include new vent bezels. Be careful when ordering these- I mistakenly got the ones without the black inserts.

The radio is the original AM radio. It works, but it doesn't sound very good playing through the dash speaker that I damaged with the sandblaster. Unfortunately 4x10" speakers are hard to come by.

The console was purchased at a swap meet many years ago for $10; one of my luckier finds.

It has the custom seat belts, which I believe to be original as they are all the same date code.


Just added some gauges using the Autometer console pod with some vintage Stewart-Warner guages. Once I find some senders I'll hook them up. I'm still trying to decide if I like the look or not.

The ashtray is black rather than woodgrain, which is correct for the early model year 68's like this one.