Restoration - Beginning

I bought this car because I wanted to do a complete frame-off restoration. Helping my father-in-law with his 1937 Ford Business Coupe hotrod taught me the patience and dedication required to perform a restoration. Although I tried to do as much of the work as possible, there were some things that I either didn't have the right equipment or the experience to do properly myself. With that in mind, I'd like to give credit to those individuals and businesses that helped make this into the dream that I envisioned.

  • Engine block machine work - Boucher Racing Engines, Rowley, Massachusetts
  • Engine head machine work - Miller Machine, Haverhill, Massachusetts
  • Paint and bodywork - Bob Whitney of Whitney's Garage, Westford, Massachusetts
  • Convertible top - Columbia Auto Seatcovers, Lawrence, Massachusetts
  • Encouragement and Inspiration - my father-in-law, the late Bill Keenan, who passed away before seeing the finished product

I drove the car only once before begining the restoration, and that was the day I first looked at it. It didn't seem to make much sense to register and insure it if it wasn't going to be road-worthy for an extended time. I was planning on 2-3 years before it was together enough to drive. It turned out to be more than 6 years.

The car looks to be in very good condition, but these pictures don't give an accurate representation of the actual condition. The quarters had already been replaced and the trunk was solid, but the doors and most of the front end had to be replaced. The top was ripped and the carpet and door panels were shot.


This is the car on the day I brought it home. It had been repainted at some point in the original shade of Butternut Yellow.


It ran, but just barely. It needed a push to make it over the 2" threshold at the garage door. Overall a pretty sad state for such a once proud car.