Restoration - Frame

The frame turned out to be in rough shape. All 4 holes for the body mount bushing's were rusted out to the point of being about a half inch in diameter too big. I had some plates made up and welded to the frame to repair the holes. I bought a cheap siphon blaster from Eastwood and spent what seemed like 1000 hours blasting the frame and suspension pieces in my driveway. The neighbors were not amused.

I remember trying to get the front springs on one day. Jacking from under the lower A-arm wasn't working out. Without the engine installed the spring wouldn't compress, it just raised the whole car. To compensate I put a 4x4 from the top A-arm to the rafter of the garage. As I jacked the car up again I heard some loud cracks. Looking up I realized that rather than compressing the spring, the roof of the garage was lifting. My wife was not amused.


The frame was blasted with a $99 siphon blaster. The body mount holes in the frame were enlarged from rust, so plates with new holes were welded on.


Firewall was painted in semi-flat black. Note that this is NOT the recommended way of supporting a vehicle.


The frame is painted in Imron and bolted back on.


The suspension was rebuilt and detailed.