Restoration - Engine

The car had the original block and heads and looked like it had never been taken apart. The intake, carburetor and exhaust manifolds had been replaced, so I went to many swap meets to find some correctly date coded replacements. The transmission had also been replaced with a TH350. I found a Muncie M20, which is not correct for the car, but it seemed like a better solution than a Saginaw. I'm still trying to figure out how to route the speedo cable though.

The motor is basically stock with just a few internal modifications, such as;

  • Cylinders bored .030 over.
  • High volume oil pump.
  • Hardened valves and valve seats.
  • Polished exhaust chambers. Intake chambers were left rough to better vaporize the fuel.

This was the starting point. It hardly needed a thing ; -)


The motor comes out for a complete rebuild.


The motor slowly starts to go back together.


Three years later it's almost complete and ready to go back in.


A milestone is reached as the motor finds it's way back into the car.


It's very tempting to try to start it, but that will have to wait for another day.