Restoration - Body

I searched for a long time for someone who would do a show quality paint job. Whenever I saw a car with a really nice paint job, I'd ask the owner where they had it done. Three or four said theirs was done by a guy named Bob Whitney in Westford, Massachusetts. I went to talk to him and he agreed to do it for time and materials. It worked out well because his shop was a mile from where I worked at the time, so I was able to check on it regularly. It was there for 5 months as he worked on it between collision jobs. I was in no rush, my concern was with quality and I knew that the end result would be well worth the wait.


The body is blasted to bare metal in preparation for painting.


At the body shop, the car is blocked.


The body panels are test fit before painting.


The passenger door gets a new skin.


The final sanding before paint.


The stripes are painted first for a smoother final finish.


The first coats of Butternut Yellow go on.


The body panels are painted off the car to allow all sides to be painted.


Four coats of paint and three coats of clear.


Almost ready to put back together.