Reverse Light Switch

My car came from the factory with a manual transmission. Since it also came with a 327, the transmission would have been a Saginaw. Along the way someone had replaced that with a TH350. I opted to replace that with a Muncie M20 since the original trans was long gone. I also went with a Hurst Competition Plus shifter in place of the original Muncie shifter. This meant the switch for the reverse lights would have to change.


This is the original reverse light switch that was used with the Saginaw trans and Muncie shifter.


This is the reverse light switch that Hurst makes for the Muncie trans.


I'll need to use the cable clamps from the original switch harness.


American Autowire makes a wire harness that's meant for the Hurst switch. I forgot to take a picture of it before installation, but this is what it looks like, only with ring terminals.


I used one clamp on one of the bellhousing bolts like shown here. This isn't my car, but illustrates the point.


It's not how the factory intended, but the second clamp was used on one of the side plate bolts on the transmission.


This shows the switch mounted on the linkage.


Here is the switch wired up.


This shows where the cable connects to the factory plug on the firewall.