4th Generation Seats

I recently picked up a set of seats from a 1998 Camaro. Although they're not power seats, they do recline and adjust up and down. They're way more comfortable than the original seats, and actually hold you in place so you're not sliding around when cornering. These came in a grey velour style so the covers will be replaced with some black vinyl ones to match the rest of the interior.
The test fit. What a big difference in comfort.
The front holes on the new seat tracks line up with the original holes, but the rear holes are off by about an inch on each side. Some carboard templates were made of extensions that will need to be made.
The templates are marked on a piece of steel that will be used for the brackets.
The brackets are cut from the steel and mocked in place.
Holes are drilled for the mounting bolts. The brackets are marked for welding.
The passenger side is complete, with brackets welded in place. The same templates that were used for the driver side were also used here, they were just flipped.
Click here for a copy of the template (PDF format)
To remove the old seat covers, begin by separating the top from the bottom. On the outside of the seat there are 2 13mm bolts holding the seat back on.
On the inside of the seat there is one T-50 Torx bolt that needs to be removed.
Looking at the underside of the seat bottom, you can see that the cover is held on by 4 large plastic tabs. These can be pried off using a screwdriver.
With the tabs freed, slide the cover off starting at the back.
The seat cover is held in place by some Velcro strips.
The plastic trim peices need to be painted black. I used Dupli-Color's Vinyl & Fabric paint.
The new seat covers came in and surprise! They're the wrong color. Guess this is what happens when you buy them sight unseen over the internet. These were ordered from Car Upholstery Guys. The color is Ebony, which appears black on the website, but apparently isn't. It looks like I'll have to dye or paint these to match the interior. UPDATE: Due to the poor look and fit of the new covers, the seats are being used in a different project.