Dash Speaker Replacement

I recently had to take the dash apart (again) to track down a short that caused the instrument panel fuse to blow when the headlights were turned on. While the dash was apart, it seemed like a good idea to replace the speaker. Since I only have the original AM radio, high fidelity is not a concern. I do like everything to work though, and the original speaker was sounding pretty crappy.

The speaker was purchased from Electro-Tech Inc. in Blaine, MN. It cost $49.95.


This is what the original speaker looks like after it's been removed from the car. It's 10 ohms, and 4"x10" in size. I challenge you to find one of these at Radio Shack.


This is the new speaker. It has a slightly different shape, with 2 of the corners being angled. This is because this replacement is for various GM products, and most others were this shape.


The new speaker also has a fabric cover.


One difference between the original and reproduction speakers - the original is slightly canted.


Since the new speaker doesn't have such a large magnet, they provide a wood block to simulate it. The bracket gets removed from the original speaker. It may need a little tweaking to snugly hold the wood block.


The bracket and 'magnet' attached to the new speaker.


Finally, the original wires and connecter are soldered to the new speaker.