Speedometer Cable

The car came from the factory with a Saginaw 4-speed transmission. By the time I got it someone had replaced that with a TH350. During the restoration I installed a Muncie M20 transmission. The speedometer cable routing wasn't set up for a Muncie, so I got a slightly longer than original speedometer cable. It still didn't fit very well, and there was no place to secure it safely to the car. It ended up with a sharp bend causing the speedometer to be wildly inaccurate, and it never read above 35mph.

Twenty years later I finally decided to make it right. I found a better way to route the cable but the one I had ended up about 20 inches too short. I took it out to measure it and found it was 72 inches. It turns out Classic Industries has a 92 inch cable so I ordered one.


The cable was coming down the outside of the frame and cutting across under the transmission.


Here it is flopping around under the trans.


I eventually wire-tied it to a clamp for the reverse light harness.


I'll need some clamps to hold the new cable in place. I couldn't find any at the hardware store so I made a couple.


Using the socket method to get the cable through the grommet. I still had to put some slits in the hole in order to get the socket through. Lubricating the socket with some WD40 helps as well.


Here are some pictures of the new cable installed. It now runs down the frame rail on the drivers side.


Then it goes over the transmission cross member. It's held in place with the new clips.


This works well for a convertible because it has the brace which supplies the mounting points for the cable clips. Alternate mounting points would have to be made for a coupe.