1968 RS Headlight Assemblies

One of the greatest challenges with the 1968 and 1969 Rally Sport models is to get the vacuum actuated headlight assemblies to open and close properly. Key points of failure include the headlight switch, relay vacuum switch, and the actuators. If these are all in proper working order, the next culprit can be the routing of the vacuum hoses.
There are some notable differences between the 68 and 69 models such as:
  • The vacuum tank is different. The 68 one has 2 air inlets whereas the 69 has only one. The mounting brackets are also different, as well as the bracket for mounting the Relay Vacuum Switch.
  • The 69 uses a check valve where the 68 doesn't.
Using 69 parts in a 68, and vice-versa, can cause all kinds of headaches. Make sure you are using the correct parts for your model year.
This tutorial is broken into sections that outline the different aspects of the Rally Sport headlight assemblies. These sections can be accessed through the following links.
Part 1 - RS Vacuum Tank and Relay Switch
Part 2 - RS Vacuum Actuators