How to Identify a Rally Sport Part 1 - The Obvious

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell a real Rally Sport from a Standard car that has 'acquired' some of the RS parts. The Z22 Rally Sport option included many, many parts that differed from the Standard trim models, which typically makes it very difficult to correctly fake an RS without leaving out some small detail. Note that this tutorial focuses on the 1968 model, but most of this information also pertains to the 67 and 69 models.
On this page we'll identify the obvious differences, or the ones you'll be able to detect from looking only at the outside of the car. These are the trim items, most of which are unique to the RS model. The next page shows the not so obvious details.
Next, the not so obvious differences
The most obvious difference is front end. The RS models have headlights that are hidden behind doors. These doors open towards the center of the grille. The 67 headlight doors are activated by electric motors. For 68 and 69 they are vacuum activated.
The RS grille is flatter than the standard grill. The grill emblem has the RS designation on it unless it has the SS option also. In that case the grille emblem will be the SS one.
The front directional lights moves from the grill to the valence panel below the bumper. The 67 has chrome around the lens, the 68 doesn't.
The reverse lights also move from the inside of the tail light housing to the valence below the bumper. Both tail light lenses are red.
The chrome side molding follows the seam of the body rather than running straight across the rocker. Under the molding the car is painted semi-gloss black.
The only Rally Sport designation on the body is the fender emblem located on the front fenders unless it has the SS option also. In that case the fender emblem will be the SS one.
The gas cap has the RS designation on it unless it has the SS option also. In that case the gas cap will be the SS one. It's secured to the body with a steel loop cable.
The horn button has the RS designation unless it is an SS also. In that case the horn button will have the SS designation. This picture shows the standard steering wheel.