How to Identify a Rally Sport Part 2 - The Not So Obvious

In addition to the obvious external trim differences between the Rally Sport and the Standard model, there are a number of more subtle things that will help to identify a real RS. These things are not so obvious, and will require looking under the hood, in the trunk, and under the car.
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The windshield washer reservoir is moved to the LH inner fender to make room for the vacuum reservior.
These are the vacuum lines that come from the headlight switch. They go to the vacuum reservior.
The rear light harness is different on the RS model. The reverse light wires run through the trunk floor to the housings in the valence. Check for the proper location of the hole, and that it's punched rather than drilled.
This view shows the reverse light housing, and how it comes through the rear inner valence. These holes should be punched and not drilled.
This shows the RS hood latch. The handle is accessed through the opening in the valence below the bumper. Note the location of the horns, which is also different for the RS.
This is the vacuum reservoir that stores vacuum to operate the actuators. Also shown is the vacuum relay switch.
The RS headlight switch differs from the standard switch. It has fittings for the vacuum lines that control vacuum to the actuators. An original switch is shown on the left. A reproduction (import) switch is on the right.