y2camaro.com Privacy Statement

All information collected by this site, either intentionally or inadvertently, is held in confidence. It is not sold or distributed in any way. You can trust me, I'm not like the others. I swear. Besides, I'm not smart enough to know what to do with it.

Most of the information in the Registry and the Loose Trim Tag database was taken from public auctions on ebay. Some was submitted directly. Information in the Events calendars may be from directly submitted info or that which was culled from mining the internet. When submitting information to the site, note that it might or might not be posted.

If you request information about a car or tag in the database, I will gladly provide it. What you do with it is your business. I trust you. Shouldn't I?

About this site

This site has no commercial purpose. It was created initially to learn how to make a web site. How did I do?

The site is written in PHP.
It uses a MySQL database back end.
CSE HTML Validator Lite is used for code validation.
Camtasia Studio was used to create the Flash element.
Image editing is done with Irfanview.
The site is hosted by Bluehost.
It has been validated for proper XHTML and CSS, except for the Shows and Cruises pages where I use links from Google Maps. Stupid Google Maps!